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30 Years of Hope For Missing Children and their Families

In May 2015, the Missing Children’s Network will mark its 30th year of operation in Quebec.  What an incredible milestone for a small grassroots organization that literally first operated out of the trunk of the co-founders’ personal vehicle!  Through sheer hard work, determination and perseverance, and with the support of many generous donors and partners, we have built a strong and vibrant organization that has been providing hope to thousands of families.  Today, the Missing Children’s Network is the reference in Quebec for families, law enforcement, educators and the media in the field of missing and exploited children. 

Through the years, our organization has made great strides in recovering missing children and in the prevention of their disappearances.  What a source of comfort it is to know that we have worked closely with law enforcement in safely reuniting 1,032 children with their families!  Because the safety and well-being of children is at the heart of our mission, over 175,000 students have received practical safety education instruction.  As well, we now offer an abundance of safety documentation that supports parents in helping keep their children safe as they grow and develop. 

Over the few past years, we have made a significant shift toward embracing new technologies to support our ongoing investigations into cases of missing children.  We collaborated with long-time supporter, ADR-TV to develop Child Alert, an application that allows parents to create and store an electronic ID profile of their child right on their cell phones. By moving the child identification program onto an electronic platform, we have made it more widely available and easier to access for families everywhere. 

The expertise of the organization has also been widely recognized and saluted by law enforcement in the province. In 2003, we were invited by the RCMP, Sûreté du Québec and Montreal Police to partner and implement the life-saving Amber Alert program.  This indispensable tool, used only in the most time-critical missing children cases, has been attributed to having saved the lives of 10 children. Of course, none of these recoveries would have been possible without the vigilance and participation of the public.  A missing child is indeed everyone’s responsibility!

We are proud of our many accomplishments.  However, our work is far from over.  Every day, on average in Quebec, 15 children are reported missing to law enforcement.  While the majority of these children are located within the first week of their disappearances, many are not as fortunate and with each passing day, time becomes our cruelest enemy in the search to recover these children and return them back to safety.  We can do more and we can do better.  Our children deserve no less and we will remain committed to our mission until all missing children are safely home.

On behalf of all the families who turn to us for help, we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to all of our corporate and community partners, law enforcement agencies, the media, as well as our loyal donors and dedicated volunteers for their generous contributions throughout the past 30 years.  Your support is our stronghold and our beacon, guiding and empowering us to continue our quest in bringing missing children safely back home to their families. 

Together, we are keeping hope alive … one family at a time!


Pina Arcamone
Director General